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                                   Have  You Considered Outsourcing Your Human Resource Needs?


           What are the advantages for your company to outsource your Human Resource needs


-         Lower Costs: You save the costs of benefits, pensions, payroll, overtime and any incentive costs.

-         High Level of Experience: You have the work completed by a senior level human resource practitioner who has the experience.

-         Best in Class Solutions: You will be guaranteed that your human resource solutions will be best in class. There will be no need to find the solution, it has been done before and our experience has that solution.

-         Quicker Solutions: You will get solutions with shorter time lines.

-         Established Relationships: You will have the relationships that come with a senior level practitioner.

-         Human Resource Strategy: You will have immediate knowledge to link your Human Resource Strategy to the Business.


In this Poor Economy, take a serious look at Outsourcing your Human Resource Needs and Reduce your Overhead Cost.


Give us a Call to discuss this timely solution to your Human Resource and

Labour Relation needs.           

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Working with Spencer Health Network Inc, plan sponsors can now achieve a 25% cost savings in their dental premiums, while maintaining all current elements of their existing dental programs.


In these very difficult economic times, all organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs.  Moving your dental program to a Preferred Provider Network, you can now achieve those cost savings. Spencer Dental provides the “Access Card” which allows your team members to enjoy professional dental service within local community dental networks.


The move to a preferred provider network, maintains your current dental program – no changes in coverage – no change in carrier. Completely transparent. 


Reduce your Cost’s; it’s easy to use, take the step into the Preferred Provider Network today.


Discuss this exciting new approach to Dental Care. Make your call to find out more:


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